Father's Day 2010

Me, Mom, Dad, Gramma & Grampa spent Father's Day at the cabin--we hiked around, checked things out, cooked hotdogs, & had a nice time :)  Curt joined us just in time for dogs & clean up ...
Everything is looking good; with all the rain this year, it's soooo green & pretty :)

We decided to hike up the road to the cabin that's for sale: it's 2 lots up from ours and sits on 10 acres--everyone wishes we could buy it.....

Wild flowers were blooming everywhere :)

A Realtor's work is never done...we hiked around & found all the property lines :)

Gram & Gramp cheated & drove up :)

Nice cabin; a bit smaller than ours, but it's all finished...

Our place is looking good :)   I planted sunflowers all over the place: we'll see if they sprout or not :) 

Mom finally figured out the little cookstove & we made coffee & tested the temp in the oven: it got up to 400! 

It was a nice day & everyone had a good time.  No plans made yet for the next visit, but I'm sure we will be picking away at little projects this summer :)