The Hilton on the Hill is no longer on the hill...

Last week, we ventured up to the cabin to make some plans for Thanksgiving & get the "Hilton" off the hill--it will stay through Thanksgiving, then will be brought back to my place for a bit of an overhaul/restoration.  (and I need a guest-room)
 Of course; we didn't have the right sized ball on the hitch...it was either forget it, or start asking neighbors...sooo, all of us; me, Dad, Mom, & Josh walked up to the closest house--the lady that lives right above our cabin (don't know her name)  OMG: she has the coolest set-up; with kitty cats, dogs, a small water tower, solar panels, garden etc.  After digging around in her little shop/garage, she found what we needed & gladly let us borrow it for  a bit :)
We finally got the thing hooked up & Uncle Bob drug it off the hill with no problems :)
I think we only damaged one small tree in the entire operation...
The little camper is parked at the bottom of the hill; ready for Thanksgiving guests :)  

The cabin looks great; omg; so love the addition of the shower; thanks to Caleb & crew!

Thanksgiving cooking/dinner day has been moved to Friday;
Grampa & Gram will be going up early--thrusday & probably me & Mom; to get things cleaned & ready.
I'm thinking of putting together a Turkey Egg hunt; one for kids & one for adults ;)

Can't wait!!  Hope to see everyone there :)




Thanksgiving at the cabin; who's in???

So far we have:

Gram & Gramp
Shawna (uncle Bob has to work, booo)
Amber & Josh
? Heather & Caleb (& kids?)
???Uncle Curt???

We are thinking of going up the morning of; cooking a turkey in the cook-stove, maybe some dutch-oven creations (?),  late afternoon/early evening dinner.  A few card games, strolling in the woods (if its not raining) & chatting around the fire.

Stay the night if you want; there is plenty of room :)

Breakfast in the morning & then whatever: stay & hang out for the weekend or head back to town.
Thanks to Caleb & crew, we now have an outdoor shower--yay!

I guess I'm elected to plan this shindig; so get in touch with me about plans & what you would like to bring.
Grampa volunteered to smoke a small turkey, I'll be provided fresh eggs for breakfast, (I hope) Gram is bring the (bestest) pies, & we will figure out the rest, lol :)

Fuzz (Amber)

PS: my email is refinerii@yahoo.com  or txt me at 208-861-7515


July 18th--quick trip with Tony

Since Tony was in town for a week on his way to the new job in Hawaii, we decided to make a quick trip up to the cabin.  Me, Mom, Dad, Kevin, & Tony all headed up on Monday afternoon.
The boys finished up the sheet rock on the ends upstairs, while Mom & I organized the cabinets & cleaned up.
Beer Break....

That evening, we hiked up the road to the other cabin on top of the hill, & talked about how cool it would be to buy it...
Everything is still really green, since we had such a cool rainy spring.  There is even a bit of water in the gully still...lots of flowers blooming :)
About 1/2 the sunflowers I planted last month are up & growing; I don't know if they will survive the hot dry weather, but we'll see..
Anyway, before we knew it, the sun was going down & it was time to build a fire & cook dinner.  We all ate a huge steak & some yummy cabbage salad that Dad made :) 
The evening was perfect for sitting around the fire; cool & crisp & not a cloud in the sky...
We watched the stars come out & then headed to off to bed.
A perfect end to the day...
The next morning we were up early for coffee & breakfast.
Afterwards, the boys got started on the mud upstairs & Mom & I painted the trim around the windows and doors outside--a nice green that matches the roof...
Around 11, we finished up & headed back to town.  It was a fun trip; I cant wait to go again soon.

Tony is off to Hawaii--he flew out on Saturday & will be starting the new job next week.  Find him on Facebook to keep up to date--he will be there for at least a year: so plan your trip now :)  ---We already put in a request that he rent a nice large house on the beach so we can all come visit :)



Father's Day 2010

Me, Mom, Dad, Gramma & Grampa spent Father's Day at the cabin--we hiked around, checked things out, cooked hotdogs, & had a nice time :)  Curt joined us just in time for dogs & clean up ...
Everything is looking good; with all the rain this year, it's soooo green & pretty :)

We decided to hike up the road to the cabin that's for sale: it's 2 lots up from ours and sits on 10 acres--everyone wishes we could buy it.....

Wild flowers were blooming everywhere :)

A Realtor's work is never done...we hiked around & found all the property lines :)

Gram & Gramp cheated & drove up :)

Nice cabin; a bit smaller than ours, but it's all finished...

Our place is looking good :)   I planted sunflowers all over the place: we'll see if they sprout or not :) 

Mom finally figured out the little cookstove & we made coffee & tested the temp in the oven: it got up to 400! 

It was a nice day & everyone had a good time.  No plans made yet for the next visit, but I'm sure we will be picking away at little projects this summer :)



Pics--January at the Cabin

Dad; trying to make it up the road in the snow :)

The cabin on top the hill; we hiked up to check it out--it's for sale---with 10 acres; wish we could buy it :)

Cell phone works at the other cabin; just on the very top of the hill ....

I swear; the snow was deeper on the way to the outhouse than anywhere else!


A few new pics

Went up to the cabin yesterday with Mom, Dad, & Curt. Things are coming along--we started in the insulation in the ceiling upstairs (boy was that fun)& Dad got the chimney cap put on. The downstairs is looking great; the new old cookstove is soooo cute! It was a really nice day; got hot in the afternoon: hopefully the last hot day of the summer :) It's dry & dusty up there; hopefully we'll get a bit of rain this week to give the trees a drink...


All in all, it was a great Father's Day at the cablin. Although it was supposed to be just a bbq & plan day, of course, it turned into projects.... we got the second storey floor nailed down--me, Alysa, Jared, & Mom made lots of noise with the hammers. I think we bent over as many nails as we got hammered in, but the floor will stay in place nontheless (we'll definately have to lay carpet or something...).

The new outhouse looks great; and Dad & Ted & Gramps got it all sealed up...I think we should stain it to match the cabin, but the discussion is still open...suggestions have included painting in a nice red (Mom), bubblegum pink (Alysa), & covering it in corrigated steel (me). Although, maybe just a steel roof would do the trick....

We also (when I say we, I'm referring to Dad, Gramps, & Ted) got the door on the upper storey; there were a few tense moments when Gramps was in the tractor bucket, but it all came together & looks great.

We had a nice lunch just before the rain hit, & all proceeded to run for the vehicles & head back into town around 5:00.