July 18th--quick trip with Tony

Since Tony was in town for a week on his way to the new job in Hawaii, we decided to make a quick trip up to the cabin.  Me, Mom, Dad, Kevin, & Tony all headed up on Monday afternoon.
The boys finished up the sheet rock on the ends upstairs, while Mom & I organized the cabinets & cleaned up.
Beer Break....

That evening, we hiked up the road to the other cabin on top of the hill, & talked about how cool it would be to buy it...
Everything is still really green, since we had such a cool rainy spring.  There is even a bit of water in the gully still...lots of flowers blooming :)
About 1/2 the sunflowers I planted last month are up & growing; I don't know if they will survive the hot dry weather, but we'll see..
Anyway, before we knew it, the sun was going down & it was time to build a fire & cook dinner.  We all ate a huge steak & some yummy cabbage salad that Dad made :) 
The evening was perfect for sitting around the fire; cool & crisp & not a cloud in the sky...
We watched the stars come out & then headed to off to bed.
A perfect end to the day...
The next morning we were up early for coffee & breakfast.
Afterwards, the boys got started on the mud upstairs & Mom & I painted the trim around the windows and doors outside--a nice green that matches the roof...
Around 11, we finished up & headed back to town.  It was a fun trip; I cant wait to go again soon.

Tony is off to Hawaii--he flew out on Saturday & will be starting the new job next week.  Find him on Facebook to keep up to date--he will be there for at least a year: so plan your trip now :)  ---We already put in a request that he rent a nice large house on the beach so we can all come visit :)