The Hilton on the Hill is no longer on the hill...

Last week, we ventured up to the cabin to make some plans for Thanksgiving & get the "Hilton" off the hill--it will stay through Thanksgiving, then will be brought back to my place for a bit of an overhaul/restoration.  (and I need a guest-room)
 Of course; we didn't have the right sized ball on the hitch...it was either forget it, or start asking neighbors...sooo, all of us; me, Dad, Mom, & Josh walked up to the closest house--the lady that lives right above our cabin (don't know her name)  OMG: she has the coolest set-up; with kitty cats, dogs, a small water tower, solar panels, garden etc.  After digging around in her little shop/garage, she found what we needed & gladly let us borrow it for  a bit :)
We finally got the thing hooked up & Uncle Bob drug it off the hill with no problems :)
I think we only damaged one small tree in the entire operation...
The little camper is parked at the bottom of the hill; ready for Thanksgiving guests :)  

The cabin looks great; omg; so love the addition of the shower; thanks to Caleb & crew!

Thanksgiving cooking/dinner day has been moved to Friday;
Grampa & Gram will be going up early--thrusday & probably me & Mom; to get things cleaned & ready.
I'm thinking of putting together a Turkey Egg hunt; one for kids & one for adults ;)

Can't wait!!  Hope to see everyone there :)




Thanksgiving at the cabin; who's in???

So far we have:

Gram & Gramp
Shawna (uncle Bob has to work, booo)
Amber & Josh
? Heather & Caleb (& kids?)
???Uncle Curt???

We are thinking of going up the morning of; cooking a turkey in the cook-stove, maybe some dutch-oven creations (?),  late afternoon/early evening dinner.  A few card games, strolling in the woods (if its not raining) & chatting around the fire.

Stay the night if you want; there is plenty of room :)

Breakfast in the morning & then whatever: stay & hang out for the weekend or head back to town.
Thanks to Caleb & crew, we now have an outdoor shower--yay!

I guess I'm elected to plan this shindig; so get in touch with me about plans & what you would like to bring.
Grampa volunteered to smoke a small turkey, I'll be provided fresh eggs for breakfast, (I hope) Gram is bring the (bestest) pies, & we will figure out the rest, lol :)

Fuzz (Amber)

PS: my email is refinerii@yahoo.com  or txt me at 208-861-7515