A few new pics

Went up to the cabin yesterday with Mom, Dad, & Curt. Things are coming along--we started in the insulation in the ceiling upstairs (boy was that fun)& Dad got the chimney cap put on. The downstairs is looking great; the new old cookstove is soooo cute! It was a really nice day; got hot in the afternoon: hopefully the last hot day of the summer :) It's dry & dusty up there; hopefully we'll get a bit of rain this week to give the trees a drink...


All in all, it was a great Father's Day at the cablin. Although it was supposed to be just a bbq & plan day, of course, it turned into projects.... we got the second storey floor nailed down--me, Alysa, Jared, & Mom made lots of noise with the hammers. I think we bent over as many nails as we got hammered in, but the floor will stay in place nontheless (we'll definately have to lay carpet or something...).

The new outhouse looks great; and Dad & Ted & Gramps got it all sealed up...I think we should stain it to match the cabin, but the discussion is still open...suggestions have included painting in a nice red (Mom), bubblegum pink (Alysa), & covering it in corrigated steel (me). Although, maybe just a steel roof would do the trick....

We also (when I say we, I'm referring to Dad, Gramps, & Ted) got the door on the upper storey; there were a few tense moments when Gramps was in the tractor bucket, but it all came together & looks great.

We had a nice lunch just before the rain hit, & all proceeded to run for the vehicles & head back into town around 5:00.



January Pics

January 09 at the Cabin

Me & Mom & Dad went up to get the scoffold & see if the little camper was squashed from the snow; it's still standing!! Cabin looks good; no moisture inside; no snow on the roof. There was only about 1.5 feet of snow & it was starting to melt!! Need snowshoes up there; must remember to check garage sales/flea markets..... It was fun; cant wait to come up in the spring !!